50 MORE things to do together (other than watching movies) – What You Make It

via 50 MORE things to do together (other than watching movies) – What You Make It.

This blog written by Jenn @ http://www.whatyoumakeitblog.com is AWESOME!!! Good ideas and though I’d share with you. Her link provided above.

50 MORE things to do together (other than watching movies)

You guys. I can’t even believe how much that post on 50 things to do (other than watching movies) totally blew up on Pinterest. If you missed it, it’s a post with 50 ideas for things that you can do with your spouse/significant other/roommate/friends instead of turning on the TV. I guess it was a relief to know that I’m not the only one who defaults to Amazon Prime on a typical evening.

So I figured – why not add to the list? Surely there are even more fun things to do together out there.

Without further ado, I present to you:

1. Raid your refrigerator and pantry, and do a television-style food competition (think “Chopped” or “Iron Chef”).
2. Pick something seasonal to do – like apple-picking, ice-skating, swimming.
3. Take a walk around your neighborhood.
4. Go star-gazing, even if it means taking a drive out of town.
5. Do random acts of kindness all over town – buy someone’s coffee for them, leave kind notes, etc.
6. Start a memory book or photo album together.
7. Arrange some kind of swap with friends – cookies, recipes, clothes, shoes, etc.
8. Re-live recess and go play at a playground.
9. Do a workout video together – my roomies and I did a Bollywood dance video once and had so much fun!
10. Cross a quick house project off your checklist: hang a string of white lights somewhere, put up pictures, make a home command center. Do the things you “never have time for” – chances are, some of them take only a few minutes.
11. Run an errand you have to do anyway together, like grocery shopping – it makes it half as boring as it would have been : )
12. Dream up a future event or goal together, and make plans to take action! It could be your wedding, a marathon, your own business…
13. Teach your spouse/other half/friend/roomie one of your talents, and have them teach you one of theirs! Invite others over for a talent night.
14. Take an evening or weekend college class or recreation course together.
15. Pick a room or piece of furniture to paint and go find some paint samples. Benjamin Moore has a great color-matching app! If you’re more ambitious, start painting.
16. Babysit for friends so they can have a date night – they will love you for it!
17. Build a fort.
18. Make a fire in the fireplace, make hot cocoa, and settle in for a cozy night.
19. Do some yard work or plant a garden.
20. Take each other on in some kind of challenge – an eating contest, beat each other’s score at a video game, run a race.
21. Play a game of touch football or rugby. Invite friends to play.
22. Have a “fix it” night – tackle the “Honey Do” lists together. My husband is the handy one; I’m more of the mending kind.
23. Yard sales! My hubby wasn’t really super excited about me dragging him to a yard sale – until he scored a great deal. Now he’s the one taking me : )
24. Eat appetizers for dinner. Lay out a blanket and have an indoor picnic.
25. Start a new tradition. (Who needs an occasion?)
26. Geocache.
27. Play bartender and make a popular (or newly invented) mixed drink.
28. Go to the zoo.
29. Have a lip sync battle a la Jimmy Fallon : )
30. Scare or prank a friend (not someone you don’t know).
31. Write something together – a letter, a poem, a story…
32. Paint a picture – with paintbrushes or finger paint!
33. Climb a tree.
34. Play games at an arcade. Or even the prize machine at Walmart.
35. Get a Mad Gab book and have fun filling it out.
36. See a play or musical together.
37. Have a progressive dinner with friends. Stop at a different location for each part of the meal (and then you only have to make one part).
38. Go out and treat yo selves to something special for each one of you, no judgement. Even if it’s at the Dollar Store.
39. Clean out your closets (and/or rooms) and make a donation pile. It’ll be fun digging through memories.
40. Come up with a list of questions you’ve always wanted to ask the other person. Or look up some questions that can make for interesting answers.
41. Wash your car(s) together!
42. Go camping.
43. Test drive a new car.
44. Play charades.
45. Find all your unused gift cards and use them up! It’s like Christmas!
46. Come up with a way to fundraise for your favorite charity and do it together.
47. Create a scavenger hunt of favorite places in your town, and then invite friends to take the challenge.
48. Rearrange or reorganize a part or room of your house.
49. Take a simple recipe – grilled cheese, pizza, sandwich – and embellish it to make it your own, then try each other’s.
50. Do something out of your comfort zone – like rock climbing, for me.


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